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UPDATE Friday 4 December 2020

Thank you all so much for the kind words of thanks and support that you have given over the last few months since I announced my retirement. Your calls, letters and emails have allowed me to relive so many lovely memories. Each cruise I travelled on was full of such wonderful people and you have all helped to make the bridge community such a special one.

Thank you also to everyone who helped make Mr Bridge what it was. My loyal staff who worked with me for years and were always there to help. To the writers who made BRIDGE the great read loved by so many. Thank you also to my wonderful team of bridge hosts and helpers who always went above and beyond to exceed your expectations. I will miss you all, just like I know you are missing playing face to face bridge.

I know at the moment many of you are playing online, and I am so impressed in the way that you have adapted to this change. It was certainly a change that would have come over the years, but it has been expedited by our current circumstances. A number of these changes will now become the norm and when we do get back to playing together, which hopefully won’t be too far away, these things will be incorporated. Online play will also continue to play a major part for many of you and it is wonderful that this is possible.

When it is possible to start playing face to face Bernard Magee Bridge will be ready and waiting. So do make sure that you register your interest with Bernard, so you do not miss out on any information. Contact details for Bernard can be found below.

All good wishes

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Bernard Magee Bridge is taking on responsibility for the technical support for all QPlus play and tutorial software, so do email or call (details above) if you have a problem.

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Mr Bridge no longer offers UK bridge breaks. If you are interested in a UK bridge break, please contact Bernard Magee Bridge (details above).

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If you are booked on my March Majorca holiday with Bernard Magee and require any information please contact the tour operator, Great Little Escapes on 01276 600100.

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