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Defence - Mac Compatible

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Bernard Magee, Britain's most popular bridge teacher, develops your defence in the course of ten introductory exercises and 120 complete deals.


  • Lead vs Notrump Contracts
  • Lead vs Suit Contracts
  • Partner of Leader vs Notrump Contracts
  • Partner of Leader vs Suit Contracts
  • Count Signals
  • Attitude Signals
  • Discarding
  • Defensive Plan
  • Stopping Declarer
  • Counting the Hand


The explanations are spoken. This allows you to focus your eyes on the hand while listening to the words of Bernard Magee. You need a PC with a sound card and a connected loudspeaker. If these are not available, the explanations are displayed as text on the screen.

System Requirements

You need a PC with the operating system Windows Me/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or a Mac with macOS versions 10.8-10.14, and a CD drive.
A sound card is necessary for spoken explanations.

Download Defence Demo

The demo version is a self-extracting file of about 3000kb size. It contains 3 hands.

Installation of the demo version:

The installation is done in three steps:

  1. Download the file to a temporary folder, e.g. 'c:\temp'.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file.
    1. It suggests to extract the files to a folder c:\games\qbtrain.ddf
    2. Start the extraction by the 'unzip' button.
  3. At the end of the extraction, an installation program starts. A shortcut will be created on the desktop and in the Windows Start menu.

Download Defence Demo for mac OS 10.8-10.14

Installation of the demo version:

  1. Double click on "Defence(.pkg)" in the Downloads folder .
  2. The Mac standard installation runs, which you proceed by clicking on OK or Continue.
    The installation results in a new program (application) and in a new icon in the Launchpad, Defence.
    (Note to the Launchpad: The Mac standard programs often use up the first page, so you will find Defence on the second page.).

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