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Bernard Magee Tutorial DVDs - Set 8

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All 6 2018 DVDs in the series (43-48), boxed.

  1. Teams of Four
    This form of the game is the most common at international level and is great fun to play at club level and even in the home. I discuss the basic format and then look at the tactics you might use in the bidding and play. 

  2. Game Tries
    When your partner raises your suit to the two-level, you have a variety of options available to you, in order to find out whether game is a sensible option. I talk about major suit game tries to find better games and minor suit game tries, when you consider the option of a no-trump contract.  

  3. Disrupting Declarer
    A defender needs to try and predict what declarer might want to do. Your job is then to disrupt declarer’s plan. Stop him ruffing, stop him establishing suits and generally try to put him off, by using only your cards, of course. 

  4. Defending vs High Contracts
    Making the right plays against slams can make a huge difference. Knowing when to attack and when to lie low: should you lead an ace or not? We do not consider just slam contracts, but also other high level contracts in competitive auctions. 

  5. Overcalls
    Duplicate bridge is so much more competitive now and it is important you are part of this. Knowing the reasons for overcalling and understanding them will allow you to compete more and at the right time.

  6. Pressing the Defence
    As declarer there are ways you can make life more awkward for the defenders, particularly by disguising holdings in your hand for a little longer. I will be exploring a number of tactics that will help you to exploit the defenders, including the dreaded squeeze.