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Bernard Magee Tutorial DVDs - Set 7

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All 6 2017 DVDs in the series (37-42), boxed.

  1. More Signalling
    I look at different times when you signal and the messages you might want to give. Using signals in new ways can greatly improve your enjoyment of defence as well as pushing up your scores. 

  2. 4-4-4-1 Hands
    Everybody’s least favourite type of opening hand. I go through the methods for choosing the right suit to open as well as coping with responses. As responder you need to be aware of the options and work out your partner’s type of hand. Strong 4-4-4-1 hands can be just as difficult and are dealt with too. 

  3. Drawing Trumps
    This seminar sounds straightforward, but we are not simply drawing trumps, we consider the reasons for delaying. Keeping control of trumps is an important part of declarer play. Knowing when to risk leaving trumps out and when not. 

  4. Five-Card Majors
    Popular around the world, this method is becoming more popular here. It is not a method I would advocate for club players, however it is important to understand the method as you will need to defend against it.

  5. Fundamentals of Defence
    Defence is by far the hardest aspect of bridge: this seminar seeks to show the building blocks that can start you off on a wonderful journey. If you can get the basics right then the more complicated aspects of defence can follow.

  6. Supporting Minors
    Minors are not as important as majors, but we have to bid them and it is important to know your system. Bidding more 3NT contracts will get you better scores, but being able to spot a minor suit slam will put you a cut above.