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Bernard Magee Tutorial DVDs - Set 4

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All 6 2014 DVDs in the series (19-24), boxed.

  1. Defensive Plan
    Looking at your own hand, then at dummy and envisaging how partner’s hand will allow you to make a plan for the defence. By having a framework to make your way across you will hopefully learn to identify various defensive situations and solve the problems you face.

  2. Further Into the Auction
    The first two bids of an auction are usually easy, but beyond that the complications increase. Learn about your various options and how to ‘talk’ to your partner during the bidding.

  3. Weak Twos
    It is important to bid more in the modern game and weak twos are an important choice for the competitive player. They allow for pre-emptive and accurate bidding.

  4. Trump Control
    Handling the play of the hand when trumps break badly is an important attribute: playing calmly and using a variety of tactics to pave the way to success.

  5. Sacrificing
    An exciting aspect of the auction is outbidding your opponents and going down, but gaining by doing so. Learning to bid more aggressively and make the best of your cards will enhance both your scores and your enjoyment levels. 

  6. Improving Bridge Memory
    Remembering every card is a dream for most of us. However, learn ways in which to remember the important things. What was the first discard or how many trumps are left out?