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Bernard Magee Tutorial DVDs - Set 3

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All 6 2013 DVDs in the series (13-18), boxed.

  1. Hand Evaluation
    Going beyond just the point-count is important if you want to improve. Reaching 3NT on 24 HCP and making it; and avoiding 3NT on 26 HCP when there are only seven or eight tricks.

  2. Pre-Emptive Bidding
    The art of pre-empting is so important in the modern game. Understanding the right types of hand to bid up on and realising the importance of position and vulnerability.

  3. Splinter and Cue-Bids
    Take your slam bidding to another level. Splinter bids are a vital tool to have in your bidding armoury and try your hand at Italian style cue-bidding.

  4. Avoidance Play
    As declarer, an important tactic is to be in control of the defenders: avoiding a particular defender getting the lead. As a defender, you can try to make sure the right player gets the lead at the right time.

  5. Play and Defence at Duplicate Pairs
    Duplicate Pairs is the game most of us play and getting used to the tactics will make a lot of difference to your performance. Making more overtricks and making sure you do not give away tricks as a defender.

  6. Thinking Defence
    By far the hardest aspect of bridge, but if you can improve your defence your results will quickly improve. Learn how to think through the defence and get your mind in gear for the decisions that await you.