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Bernard Magee Tutorial DVDs - Set 2

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All 6 2012 DVDs in the series (7-12), boxed.

  1. Leads
    Bernard takes you through all the basic leads emphasising the choice of the particular card you choose. Then he moves on to the choice of suit, which can make such a difference to the outcome of a contract. If you start to think not just about your hand, but about your partner’s too, then you will get much better results and of course, you will have a much happier partner.

  2. Losing Trick Count
    A method of hand evaluation for when you find a fit, the losing trick count is an invaluable addition to the bidder’s armoury. Bernard deals with the basic losing trick count in the first half of the seminar and then looks at more advanced methods to hone your bidding when you have found a fit. 

  3. Making a Plan as Declarer
    Making a plan as declarer is such an important aspect of the play of the hand. Bernard explains how to make your plan and then expands on how to make the most of your long suits. The first half deals with no-trump contracts, the second half with suit contracts.

  4. Responding to 1NT
    Bernard deals with Transfers and Stayman in detail. It is important to know both systems well and make the most of their flexibility as well as to know the full list of situations when you should be using them. The 1NT opening comes up frequently, so having a good and accurate system of responses is paramount.

  5. Signals and Discards
    Bernard talks about Count, Attitude and Suit-preference signals: aiming to get you working as a partnership in defence. In the second half he emphasises the importance of keeping the right cards as a defender. This seminar is sure to improve your defence and with it enhance your general enjoyment of the game.

  6. Endplays
    An advanced declarer play technique, endplay can be within the grasp of most players. Bernard takes you through the basics of the technique before showing some magical hands where you take extra tricks from defenders. In the second half, Bernard looks at some of the tactics you can use as a defender, to escape being endplayed and avoid giving tricks away.