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Bernard Magee Tutorial DVDs - Set 1

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All 6 2011 DVDs in the series (1-6), boxed.

  1. Ruffing for Extra Tricks
    Bernard deals with declarer’s use of ruffing to generate extra tricks and then looks at how the defenders might counteract this.

  2. Competitive Auctions
    Bernard focuses on competitive auctions from the perspective of the overcalling side and then from the perspective of the opening side in the second part.

  3. Making the Most of High Cards
    Bernard helps declarer to use his high cards more carefully and then looks at how defenders should care for their precious high cards.

  4. Finding and Bidding Slams
    Bernard explains how to identify when a slam might be on. This is one of the hardest subjects to teach, because as soon as you announce the topic, everybody is looking for slams. The second half covers some slam bidding techniques.

  5. Play and Defence of 1NT Contracts
    Bernard looks at the most common and yet most feared of contracts: 1NT. The first half looks at declaring the contract and the second part puts us in the defenders’ seats.

  6. Doubling and Defence Against Doubled Contracts
    Bernard explores penalty doubles and devotes the second half of this DVD to defending against doubled contracts.