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Begin Bridge - Acol Version

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Learn to play bridge with Bernard Magee, Britain's best bridge teacher in 20 interactive chapters: 


  • Basics of Bridge
  • Basics of Card Play Technique
  • Practice of Card Play Technique
  • Planning the Card Play
  • Basics of Bidding
  • Bidding Balanced Hands
  • Bidding Suits
  • Responding to a Suit
  • Supporting Partner
  • Responding to 1NT
  • The Stayman Convention
  • 2NT Opening and Response
  • Strong Two Opening and Response
  • Overcalls
  • Doubles
  • Pre-empting
  • Basics of Defence 1
  • Basics of Defence 2
  • Defence against Notrump Contracts
  • Defence against Suit Contracts


The explanations are spoken. This allows you to focus your eyes on the hand while listening to the words of Bernard Magee. You need a PC with a sound card and a connected loudspeaker. If these are not available, the explanations are displayed as text on the screen.

System Requirements

You need a PC with the operating system Windows Me/XP/Vista/7/8/10 and a CD drive.
A sound card is necessary for spoken explanations.

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