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Bernard Magee Tutorial DVDs - Set 6

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All 6 2016 DVDs in the series (31-36), boxed.

  1. Counting Defence
    Defence is the hardest aspect of bridge, but if you can learn to defend in conjunction with your partner, it becomes the most rewarding element at the same time. 

  2. Extra Tricks in No-Trumps
    Long suits are an integral part of the bidding and the play – developing extra tricks from them will often be the difference between making or going down in your contract.  

  3. Supporting Partner
    When you hold support for your partner, the two hands can fully evaluate, often allowing the partnership to bid much higher than the high card points might suggest. We will look at a number of conventions that can help you bid to good games and bid to great slams. 

  4. Finessing
    Finesses come in all sorts of different varieties and come up on almost every hand you play. Getting the most out of your honour combinations is a crucial part of declarer play. Should you lead high or low, finesse to the right or to the left? 

  5. Bidding Distributional Hands
    Distributional hands can be great fun to bid and to play, particularly when you find a fit. And how do you find a fit… by bidding more! 

  6. Coping with Pre-Empts
    How do you defend against pre-empts and weak twos; how do you cope with weak overcalls and jump support? When your bidding space is taken away you have to use a few extra techniques, but most of all you have to use your judgement. Improving your understanding will allow you to collect the big penalties and better scores. 

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