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Expert Bridge Simplified by Jeff Rubens

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  • New Expert Bridge Simplified by Jeff Rubens

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This book takes a lighthearted approach to tackling challenging problems, and demystifies bridge mathematics for the practical player. After mastering the basic techniques for declarer, bridge players improve by applying those procedures more effectively. The most common question among those who study declarer's craft is: "How do I calculate the odds?" Even highly experienced players sometimes struggle with re-evaluating chances, restricted choice, and drawing inferences from cards played by the opponents. This book demystifies bridge mathematics and puts it in its proper place. Basic ideas point to preferred lines of play, but complicated and exact calculations are downplayed. Practical players will learn how to win through the use of "shortcuts," while those intrigued by the theory will find useful tools. The book's lighthearted approach emphasises that the effort to find the best move should never be allowed to interfere with having fun.