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My Playing Cards Initiative

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£36 for 72 packs of quality cards

Call: 01483 489961

My mission is to ensure that all clubs across the country are using good quality clean playing cards, so I have been offering them at a very special (pretty much crazy) price. However, all good things must come to an end and I am giving plenty of notice that the offer below will end on Saturday 31 August 2019* at 1pm.

Order now for my third delivery of luxury playing cards, which is due to arrive in early Autumn. They are sold as 72 pack boxes. 36 red backs / 36 blue backs.

Normally my 72 pack boxes are offered at £72. I am currently offering these for half price at £36 (50p per pack) to UK mainland addresses.

Terms: It is not possible to order online. Only debit cards are allowed for this offer. Payment will be taken at the time of ordering and the cards will be dispatched in early Autumn. Please note the cards are not barcoded. *This offer is subject to availability and is inclusive of postage for UK mainland customers only.