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Mr Bridge Update 29 May 2020

As many of you will be aware, I have recently undergone an operation to remove a second bout of cancer. Thankfully, the procedure appears to have been successful. However, at 81, this has knocked some of the stuffing out of me and I am having to focus my energy on making a full recovery.

Coinciding with my own health issues is the coronavirus pandemic that has swept all over the world. In 60-plus years of running my own businesses I have never experienced anything as dire as this current situation. Mr Bridge, like so many other companies, has had to furlough much of its staff and cancel several months of events with no clear idea of how it will all end up.

With both my health and the pandemic to consider, I have sadly decided I need to slim down future Mr Bridge offerings.

2020 events

Subject to government guidelines allowing events to take place, I plan to honour all Mr Bridge overseas holidays and cruise commitments in my 2020 program. For UK events, I plan to reduce my offering, any cancellations will receive a full refund. If your Mr Bridge UK Event is cancelled the lead booker will be advised, by email, at least 5 weeks prior to the event date with full details on how to obtain a prompt refund.

2021 events

I anticipate running a slimline offering of events in 2021 while we see how things develop.

Bernard Magee

I know many of you are enjoying watching Bernard Magee on his YouTube channel. I am impressed by what he has managed to achieve in such a short period of time. I am encouraging Bernard to take this forward under his own brand of Bernard Magee Bridge and I encourage you to support him as he develops his business. If you have not yet seen Bernard in action do click this link which will take you through to what he is doing. Bernard is keen on returning to hosting weekends, holidays and cruises as soon as it is possible but for now will work on building an on-line following.

The future

I imagine that many of you will be asking what this means for Mr Bridge in the future. I wish I knew. It is a time of great uncertainty and I want to keep my options open. I hope you will appreciate that for now I need to focus on restoring my health. Since beginning in bridge in 1987 it has been a tremendous journey and I thank many of you for sharing it with me and I hope that this is just a resting point from which we can continue our travels together. If not with me directly, then with my son Bernard Magee. Thank you for your continuing support and understanding.

All good wishes

Mr Bridge