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UK Breaks


UK Breaks - What's Included

  Bernard Magee
Bernard Magee
Just Duplicate
Seminars 2 6 2
Set Hands 2 6 2
Duplicates 3 3 4 6 6
Teams 1
Non-Playing Director
Pre-Dealt Hands
No Sit-Outs
Relaxed Section —* —* —*
Modest prizes
Full Board
Tea & Coffee +
Welcome Drinks
Singles Welcome
Day Guest Option

* If the group is larger than 56 players, there will be a main and a relaxed section.
+ During the morning and afternoon bridge sessions.

Other Information

One, Two, Three or Four Players

Whatever the game we will be able to accommodate you - finding partners or team-mates whenever necessary.

Non-Bridge Activities [Walking & Outings]

Do remember this is your break - you are free to roam the countryside, or visit one of the many local attractions in the area. Or of course you can simply take a break - watch some sport or lie down for a siesta or visit villages and towns for some shopping!

Checking Out (1100 on day of departure)

The hotel would like clients to check out before 11am on the day of departure. Therefore we advise that you check out after breakfast - bags can be stored for the rest of the day.


For those wishing to give gratuities to the staff - we do make available a collection bag on the day of departure - contributions are strictly optional and we hand this bag over to the staff at the end of the event.