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  • By agreement and it is standard pard holding 96432 d should bid 2n/t.awaiting developements he has a good hand.when 3 hts comes up.partner now has a decison to mke,eiter pass or bid 3sp/4cl..if it is pass pard will bid 3n/t,same over 3sp.and eithe…
  • To add to the fact opps Bounce-- ok let them bounce.the Whole point of Neg x's,it shows and tells partner who has opened our total point count. example 1diamond 1heart x{=8-11 any shape} 3hts pass/x,if it is pass by pard he has his …
  • perhaps i should have previously stated x=8-11 points ANY SHAPE 1n/t= 12-14 with stop cue bid=12-14 no stop. and if ply Acol 12-1…
  • agree with john
    in Doubles Comment by pirate22 January 2010
  • To clarify my partner opened 1cl ---pass---i respnded 1 ht (6 points)----1sp 4cl----pass---?? you have not also stated if ply acol-sayc-precision--If acol-I would assume pard has some hts…
  • Where is this crib sheet?----Jonno response is a good guide,but to clarify,ply acol 1sp then rebid n/t's accordingly 2/3. but using sayc,15/17 n/t open 1cl and bid suits up if pard responds 1d (min 6 points)----regards
  • As with all systems-Acol and Sayc,one Pays one's money and decide,and you have to absorb the odd knock, regards
  • tram ticket raises a good has to agree with pard 2's forcing or not forcing.I play them strong non forcing,if i have 2 suits,then i open 2cl,with 2d auto,and sys on, if rebid is 2n/t (Transfers/stayman) now one can then show the 2 suited h…
  • Frances raises a good point,and reading this topic, I to use the 4/nt system,on any 0-4-8-1 be it spades hts /d/cl,one can be in six ,missing 2 aces,as to frequency, it has come up many times,especially with internet bridge. regards
  • To add more fuel to the topic you hold xx-Qx-jxx-KJ10xxx- s/h/d/c I use x=any 8=11 points. 1n/t= any 12/14 with stop cue =any 12/14 with no stop. therefore any bid over opps bid is weak, and less than 8 points,hence above hand i would …