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  • Mr Bridge publishes a bi-monthly magazine called "Bridge". Online copies can be found in the "Library" section of this web site. Each edition is numbered, the latest is numbered 141.
  • Page 40 of Bridge 140 has two letters from readers about card dealing that you may find interesting.
  • I find the free web based Shufflix site: very useful for producing random deals.
  • It is true that you will awarded a score of 0, but your match points will be determined by your relative score to the other N/S pairs. You will only score 0 match points if you were the N/S with the lowest score. So all the other N/S that declared …
  • I'm always suspicious about the lack of a web site. It may indicate a desire to avoid the attentions of HMRC. If you are running a club as a business, having a web site with all the results and the table money fees visible, makes it simple to determ…
  • We have about three in the Sevenoak's area. One is run by an individual and provides an excellent service - a non playing director or host if required. Another appears to be run as a club but is in fact a business run by a partnership of three. I …