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  • Bissell Zar value an ace as 6 instead of 4, a king as 4 instead of 3, a queen and jack as the Milton Work count, 2 and1. With distributional hands, a lot of tricks can be generated with relatively low HCP, with aces and kings. Having said that the…
  • Just joined this conversation. The Rule of 14 is a guide to whether a squeeze will work. Count the number of tricks to be lost, the number of winning tricks to be run, and the number of threat cards held by a defender. If the sum is 14 or more a s…
  • Say a board takes seven and a half minutes to play. 24 boards in 3 hours. At the start of the last board on the Directors table, they might politely say, " You should be on your last board". At the end of the last board on the Directors table they…
  • Try to lead towards touching cards twice, say KQxx opposite Jxx. You may be surprised how many times Ax is onside. If you lazily play back to the jack, then you promote 10xxx for the opponents