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  • pommers The problem with using transfers like that is twofold: 1. The 1NT bidder cannot afford to "break" the transfer by bidding 3H on a suitable hand. 2. The sequence shows a hand at least 5-4 in the red suits and forcing to game
  • Daisy Please do not use the LTC to evaluate a hand until you have found a 9 card trump fit. HCP is better for evaluating NT hands. It would be interesting to know what tens you all had. Assuming no tens I think you both slightly over-valued you han…
  • I would bid 1S whenever I have 4333 or 4x4x or 4xx4 or a 5+ card suit. I would think it was at least 50% of the time that I would have a four card suit
  • I had AKJTxx, x, Axx, AKx. Double of 2H is lead directing. I think if you dbl 2H and then dbl 2S you are asking for take out, but this double should be penalty. Otherwise the weak NT is not ever going to be punished.
  • AKT82 opposite Qxx Jxx with declarer This does not make sense. You lead to the Q. Small back to the T. Now cash A and K. Declarer cannot get away with hiding the J with 2 discards. The error would be noticed. Without the T. it could happen. I actu…