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Plan the Play

edited September 2017 in All Things Bridge

Plan the play in 3NT if West
leads the 3 of hearts: 

J 10 9 8 7


4 3

A K 9 8 2

6 3

K 10 2

A K Q 5 2

7 5 4


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    I have sent you a message with my solution.
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    I will provide a hint. Ducking the first round of clubs works if clubs split 3-2 OR diamonds split 3-3. Diamonds do not split 3-3, and clubs do not split 3-2. Find a play that works if clubs split 3-2 AND also works on some other splits.
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    Thanx for that. I need this free poker games tips
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    Here is a BIG hint: What if clubs are 4-1 and East has the singleton 10, J. pr Q. How would you play it then? This is the extra chance that makes the contract. ENJOY
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