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Hi All,
In a recent hand, playing Benji Acol, the auction went (opps silent):

N                      S
2D                     2H (relay)
3D                     4D

What's the range of the 4D hand, and is the bid forcing?  The two salient points, I thought, were, a) South is "captain of the bidding", b) Why has South gone past 3N?  The session was club pairs.

Looking forward to your comments!



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    I thought that in Benajmin 2D was game forcing unless you bid 2NT as opener so yes 4D  is forcing and if 2D was not quite as strong for those that play Reverse Benjamin I would still think it forcing
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    Yes 100% forcing. 4D confirms diamonds as trumps and invites partner to start cue-bidding.

    If instead of bibbing 4D, south had bid 5D this would have shown a weaker hand.
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    Thanx, I will use this advice
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