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Declarer Play Problem (readable font now, sorry)

|Dealer: S          North========              |
|Vulnerable: Both   S: 5                       |
|Contract: 6S       H: J1094                   |
|Result: Made 6     D: AQ85                    |
|Score: +1430       C: K973                    |
|===West=========             ===East========= |
|>                .----------.    >            |
 S: 432           |          |    S: 109       |
|H: 75            |          |    H: K862      |
|D: J96432        |          |    D: K107      |
|C: 52            .----------.    C: A1086     |
|                 ===South====                 |
|                                              |
|                 S: AKQJ876                   |
|                 H: AQ3                       |
|                 D: ---                       |
                  C: QJ4                       |
South is declarer at 6S.
West’s opening lead is the S2.
South wins and draws as many trumps as he wants.
East will ­hold his CA until the CK is played.
How can South play to guarantee the slam?


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    I presume that this is intended as a double-dummy play problem?!

    In which case, I have got it! :) I won't spoil it for others by giving the answer here,
  • edited 6:37AM
    Yes, it is double dummy. Playing for the CA onside is the correct single dummy play since EW never bid.
  • edited November 2017
    Have you solved this problem? Because I had the same when I created project for davis cup at 2016
  • edited 6:37AM
    Yes, of course I have solved the problem. What do you mean when you say that you "created project for davis cup at 2016"?

    Here is the key: win the lead, draw all their trumps, lead club queen and OVERTAKE with the club king. If East ducks, you can use the ace of diamonds and take the heart finesse, losing only the ace of clubs. If East wins, then he is endplayed.
    I love this play. I hope you enjoy it as well :)
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