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Doubling a suit overcall of partner's 1NT

What is best practice for use of a double after partner's weak 1NT is overcalled? Takeout or Penalty?


  • edited January 2016
    Takeout is most popular, as it is more useful on a frequency basis.

    Also you may get another bite at the cherry; if opener has a doubleton in the suit overcalled, she may double for takeout, allowing you the chance to convert.
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    There are three possibilities:
    - Penalty - this would be considered 'standard' if undiscussed.
    - Values for a raise to 2NT - this will probably because 2NT is Lebensohl or similar.
    - Take out - my preferred option.

    Don't forget that the opponent's overcall may be artificial. You may want to discuss with partner what a double means in this situation. I prefer this to show the values for 2NT.
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