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Bridge ethics

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Last night I was playing a contract where I had 9 trumps missing the Q. I was going to play for the drop so I played the ace from my hand and my LHO played a card third from the end of her hand (not sure I should be looking where the cards come from in her hand). I then played towards dummy and she played the second from the end leaving me with the impression that the last card was the Q - which it was. I played the King to promote her queen as I felt wrong taking the finesse thinking that this was unethical - although I may have been wildly overinterpreting the way people play and arrange their cards. Basically just after some thoughts on the whole situation - am I "cheating" or playing the cards and the player?


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    This is covered in the laws:


    C. Violations of Procedure

    The following are examples of violations of procedure:

    5. looking intently at any other player during the auction
    and play, or at another player’s hand as for the purpose of seeing his cards or
    of observing the place from which he draws a card (but it is appropriate to act
    on information acquired by unintentionally seeing an opponent’s card).

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    Bravo for doing the right thing.

    There will, of course, be people who do,this, so it is prudent to keep high cards and short suits toward the middle of the hand.
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