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Movements (7.5 tables)

What's the best (balanced / fairest) movement for 7.5 tables playing more than 24 boards and less that 30 boards?  We don't like the Mitchell shared relay because the sit out pairs play only 21 boards.  We don't like the skip Mitchell because it's unbalanced.

We use ScoreBridge and I've been looking at their options and they recommend an 8 table 9 round Hesitation Mitchell.  They recommend that with this movement the sit out pair is Pair 1(N/S).  We like to alternate the sit outs between N/S and E/W - what problems arise by having any other pair number sit out?  I've run a couple of fictitious rounds through ScoreBridge with a Pair 1 sit out and a Pair 9 sit out and I note that on both occasions 9 pairs (i.e. not 8) play only 24 boards and on both occasions pairs 8 and 10 only play 24 boards.

Any suggestions / observations?  


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    A Howell movement would be best. 28 boards, 26 for pairs who sit out (all but one pair I think), two-board sit out only.
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    Any other sit-out will require board sharing.
    The usefulness of hesitation mitchells with a sit-out is that the sharing between the first and last tables can be avoided.  There is only one stationary pair at these tables, so the only way to avoid sharing throughout is to make 1NS the phantom.
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    You can put the sit out anywhere in a 3-boards per round Hesitation Mitchell without any problem but it stands to reason that those that would play against the missing pair will play three boards less. Note that a Hesitation Mitchell is a one winner movement.  

    Hesitation Mitchells are fairly elegant to run and are more popular with the players than Howells since there are more stationery NS pairs.
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