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Dummy 'arranging' cards

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What constitutes 'arranging' cards in dummy? Several people at our club have started moving suits into the gap left when a void is established. I find this very off putting. Is it allowed?


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    What you see below is the World Bridge Federation Law on the topic. Nothing else in their Laws discusses the idea of arrangement of dummy's cards. It is permitted. If it is excessive, ask the club director to discuss it, not as a legality, but as a distraction and being unfair for a dummy's actions to be distracting (hence disruptive) to the thinking of a defender. This seems to call for friendly persuasion.
    F. Dummy Indicates Card
    After dummy’s hand is faced, dummy may not touch or indicate any card
    (except for purpose of arrangement) without instruction from declarer.
    If he does so the Director should be summoned forthwith and informed of
    the action. Play continues. At the end of the play the Director shall
    award an adjusted score if he considers dummy suggested a play to
    declarer and the defenders were damaged by the play suggested.
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