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Alerting a pass?

Playing at our local 'low key' Bridge Club - none of display Convention Cards.

My partner and I play that third to bid after two passes can open 'light' in 1 of a suit, with as few as 9 points. [I've read that this may be called 'adding a King' and is not uncommon practice].

So when this situation arises I alert my partners opening bid of one of a suit. This raises a few eybrows to say the least. I try to explain that as I am aware that this may be opening with as few as 9 points then the opposition should be aware of it too. So far so good - well sort of.

But now we come to the situation when there has been two passes and my partner also passes. By inference I'm now thinking that he must have less than 9 points. So I have been alerting his pass. Now if alerting his one of a suit bid raised eyebrows then alerting his pass has the said eyebrows positively jumping up and down.

People took this matter to a higher authority  - well a player who moves in higher Bridge Circles - and the opinion seems to be that I should not alert the pass.

In the grand scheme of things this is very trivial I know. I wondered if any of you have any thoughts on  or are aware of  the correct way to proceed.

John Workman


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    First let's consider the opening bid on a nine-count. For level 2 (common at many clubs - particularly clubs aimed at newer players), the EBU's Blue Book permits an opening bid of one of a suit with 11+ points or 8+ points and satifying the "Rule of 19". The rule of nineteen states that the number of points + the number of cards in your two longest suits should be at least 19.

    Opening one of a suit on nine points would be permitted if you had a distributional hand with ten cards in the two longest suits, but you would not be permitted to have an agreement to open on a balanced nine points.

    Given that your opening bids are meeting these regulations, I see no reason to alert a pass.
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    Thanks for the helpul comment. Perhaps our best way forward then is to modify our opening bid stategy to satisfy the rule of 19.

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