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edited January 2014 in Bridge Laws
I believe Andrew Robson plays honours in Chicago, is this correct or subject to agreement between players?


  • edited February 2014
    It is subject to agreement.   There are also different forms of chicago.  In 'rubber' chicago, part scores carry forward between deals and can be converted to game on subsequent deals.  i.e bid 2S on Deal 1 and 1NT on Deal 2 is enough for game.  Money players like to play this way and also like to score honours.    In 'duplicate' chicago each deal starts from zero and part scores accrue a bonus of 50pts as in duplicate.  Social players like this form of chicago as it keeps the scoring (and the tactics) very simple.   In this form of chicago honours are usually ignored.  Often these days the players have never played classical rubber bridge and have no experience of scoring honours.
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