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Acol Bidding

edited January 2014 in Bridge Laws
Right hand opponent opens, I have 16 points in my hand, can I pass with a view to misleading my opponents intentionally.


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    I am by no means an expert but I think such a bid is known as a psyche, permissible provided it is as likely to mislead your partner as your opponents. Concealed partnership agreements (CPU's) are illegal. 
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    Actually, I think a psyche bid is one that is a substantial deliberate misstatement of honour strength, and a deviation is a smaller deliberate misstatement. But both are illegal if they are CPU's. 
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    If RHO opens 1H and you have 16 points there are any number of reasons you might pass e.g. length in the opponents suit, unsuitability for overcalling 1NT, perhaps no stop. In both cases it would be your judgement that this is the best action.
    Even if you passed and your specific hope was that it would mislead your opponents then this is permitted. It might, of course, mislead partner and give you a terrible result. As long as the risk is the same for both sides then there is no problem at all in your proposed action.
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