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Alternatives to 4 card majors

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What are the alternatives to 4 card majors


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    Bidding systems are generally divided into natural systems and artificial systems.

    Natural systems:
    - 4-Card Majors - Systems based on opening suits based on holding at least four cards in the suit. In Britain, this will normally be Acol.
    - 5-Card Majors - Systems based on only opening a major suit if holding five or more cards in the suit. Standard American is the most common system.

    Artificial Systems:
    - Strong Club Systems - There are various systems based on opening one club with all strong hands (articial and not saying anything aboutthe club suit). Precision is the most commonly played of these systems.
    - Other systems - It would be rare to come across these. They are unlikely to be licenced for use at club level in the UK.

    If you are new to the game and playing in the UK, I would strongly recommend that you play 4-Card Majors. Most potential partners will play 4-card majors, as will most of your opponents. There is little to choose between the systems in terms of effectiveness - it is far more important to thoroughly understand your system and your partnership agreements.
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