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Quantative Bid

edited April 2013 in Where Can I Find?
Can someone explain quantative bids? ie when to use them and the responses.


  • Quantitative (sic) bids are normally raises in NTs. Partner opens 1NT (12-14) and you have a balanced hand of 19 or 20hcp. Bid 4NT and partner will pass with a minimum (12 to a poor 13) and raise to 6NT with a maximum (good 13 or 14). Similarly, after 2NT opening bid (20-22hcp), you can raise to 4NT with 11or 12hcp and partner will bid the slam with a maximum.

    There are other quantitative bids too and your partnership might decide if 4NT in the following sequence and other similar sequences is quantitative as well:

    1NT - 2C (stayman)
    2D - 4NT ?

    Ned Paul

    hcp = high card points
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