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Bidding to 6NT

edited October 2007 in All Things Bridge
6NT turned out to be the best contract on these hands but my partner and I didn't bid it. Please can you explain how these 2 hands should be bid. I held SAKQ87; HK54; DA; CQJT3 and my partner held S4; HAQJ8S; DKQJT; K84. My partner opened with 1H and although I had 19 points opposite my partners opening bid, I thought it was best to just change suit to start with (as this is forcing) so I bid 1 spade. My partner then bid 2 diamonds and I jumped to 4C to force him to bid again. An opponent asked what this meant and he said he thought it was a splinter agreeing his diamonds, and then bid 5D which I took to mean (as I knew he thought it was a splinter) he didn't think slam was there. Not knowing if there were 33 points between us for 6NT, I bid 5NT and made 12 tricks. Our opponents were vulnerable and we were not.


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    Do not forget that the fact that your partner thought that 4C is a splinter is unauthorised information for you, so you must bid as if you had not heard his answer.
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    I am a simple soul:
    1H - 2S (16+, 5 card suit, game forcing)
    3D - 3H (2S was GF)
    4NT - 5H (two aces)
    6H - P

    With 16 opposite 16 and a heart fit, opener want to be in 6H unless you are missing two aces, so bid 4NT.
    The grand slam may still be on, but if responder shows three aces, opener can ask for kings and bid 7H (or 7NT) if responder had two kings.

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