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Partner thought she transfering!

edited March 2012 in Bridge Laws
Player opens 1NT, LHO doubles, partner bids 2H (meant transfer to spades) . Opener did not announce "Transfer" as his agreement with usual partner is any intervening bid means transfers are off. Partner of the doubler now bids 2 - spades. PASS PASS PASS

Opponents were left in 2 Spades and went badly down due to the intended transfer holding 5 good spades

The director was called and said he would have to think about it - what should be ther ruling?


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    Opener should not announce(you never announce after 1NT double) but should have alerted. If the agreement is that it was a transfer then the failure to alert may have caused damage. If it has then the director may adjust the score. It is likely that if the non offending side had been told of the agreement they would not have bid 2S.
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