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Meaning of double

edited November 2010 in All Things Bridge
After the sequence 1N-p-2H-p-2s-p-p
What would dbl mean?


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    (It depends a bit on what a double of 2H a round earlier would have been.)
    I think it is normal to play this double as take-out of spades.
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    I had AKJTxx, x, Axx, AKx. Double of 2H is lead directing. I think if you dbl 2H and then dbl 2S you are asking for take out, but this double should be penalty. Otherwise the weak NT is not ever going to be punished.
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    It's odds. you don't pick up the sort of hand you had above very often. What would you do on the same auction with

    S x
    H Q10xx
    D KQxx
    C AJxx ??

    I'd want to double for take out.

    If you double 2H and then double 2S you are showing a good hand with hearts and another place to play and expecting partner to take it out.

    Some people also play the double of a Stayman or transfer response to 1NT as showing a hand which would have doubled 1NT. This would resolve your problem above.
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    2H showed to me to be a transfer a double of this would be lead directing as it was not a natural bid. The double was of the spade asking partner to bid Hearts or iether of the two minor's. 2nd seat's pass would have needed 16+ HCP to bid over 1NT, 2H in 3rd seat did not like NT and wanted to play in spades and may be very low in HCP. When 4th seat passed and opener bid spades 4th seat recognised that they had a play in H,C, or D.
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    Many people play that bidding 2S directly over 2H is takeout of spades, and that balancing back in with a double is a weaker or perhaps less shape-suitable takeout (or a hand that did not want to wander into a live auction). If you like, you can use the 2S as takeout of spades and the later double as penalty, but you have to have a firm agreement, since this is an unusual treatment.
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