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Handicapping methods

edited October 2009 in All Things Bridge
Does anybody know of a god, fair, easily understood system of handicapping for bridge clubs. We should like the less frequent winners a chance to be in the mony occasionally.



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    The EBU are introducing a national grading system to take effect, I think, late in 2010. It's not based on masterpoints but on recent perfomance in clubs (any affiliated club). This should meet your requirem,ent quite well if you can wait. There is an overview of the system to be found from the front page of the Ebu website at
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    If you don’t want to wait till 2010 or you are not in the EBU, this is a method I have used:
    1.In determining the handicap winners, normal match-pointed percentage scores are adjusted by the handicap of each competing pair.
    2. Each member’s handicap is calculated as follows: Take the average percentage score for the previous calendar year in Club Pairs events (minimum of 10 events). Subtract this from 50 and divide the result by two to give the handicap.
    3. The handicap of each pair will be the sum of the handicaps of the two partners. This combined handicap is added to their match-pointed percentage score in the event, to give their percentage score in the Handicap Competition.
    (note that some handicaps will be positive and some negative)

    Most computer scoring programs are able to print handicap results as well as scratch results and I think some are able to calculate players’ handicaps for you from previously recorded events.
    Hope this helps
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    Thank you both. I hadn't heard of the EBU scheme, and the calculation above looks easy enough to be worth a trial run.

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