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This is a belated message to Valerie Austin of Haywards Heath Sxt

edited October 2009 in All Things Bridge

You wrote a 'short and to the point' message'
to; Mr Bridge' in Feb. 2008 in which you wrote
'Who else will fight the EBU menace'

Apologies for this very late sipportive response and
to answer your appeal a Club on your doorstep here at Henfield namely the ANCD voted unanimously to part company with the EBU (and County) and I suspect many other Sussex Clubs will follow suit.

Valerie, you are welcome to come and visit us, we meet each Friday at 2pm in the Garden Room at Henfield Hall. I Will be happy to give you a game if this can be arranged !!

Terry Kelly


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    Henfield sounds a pretty polarised place. One club with 90%+ voting for affiliation to the EBU according to its website and another, as above, with 0% in favour. Still if the members of your club also choose to play at the other one they can still be members of their county and national organisation.
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