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blank traveller score sheets on internet

edited January 2009 in All Things Bridge
Until now we have scored duplicate matchpoint by using a series of spreadsheets

we have reviewed thie and now intend to move to pairscorers. We have not previously used travellers.

It is clearly better to input scores using travellers. I have seen blanks on the internet but cant find any. can anyone point me to a site where I can print some off


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    I've just created two blank Traveller score sheets, an 18 pair version and a 24 pair version, four travellers to an A4 sheet.
    They are Word.doc format, the 24 board version will warn that it’s outside the printer’s margins, but it prints correctly.
    They are freely available, but I don’t know where to post them.
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    Oh! I see I described these travellers as being for 18 and 24 boards, I meant of course for 18 and 24 Pairs. Which of course means 36 and 48 for a Mitchell movement.
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    The travellers are now a pdf file and can be downloaded from (just copy - ctrl+c - the link and paste -ctrl+v - it into your browser address bar).
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    Thank you Popa and admin for this useful document - just like what we are used to in many clubs. I am pleased to see that a "Lead" column is included, as it is missing from the EBU travellers that I have seen. I wonder why they have omitted this, as the lead can sometimes influence a result, and players often like to review this afterwards.

    May I make two comments:

    Some people prefer to have no pair numbers in the N-S column, so perhaps you might consider producing a third sheet of 24 rows with no numbers.

    You may have noticed that in the top right-hand form on each page the column widths have become "adjusted". Re-adjustment to match the other 3 forms would restore perfection!
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    I agree that pair numbers are a bad idea -- players find it much easier to enter the first round on the first line and the second round on the second line, etc.
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    I would be happy to upload a page of 4 travellers that I prepared on my computer and which I converted to a PDF file so it can be printed by others. It features columns with a "# Trks" heading and a column with a "Lead" column, as well as having room for NS and EW match points for the convenience of clubs which still score by hand instead of by computer.

    If someone wishes to tell me how to upload the file so it can be offered to others, please let me know.
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    Having come a bit late to this, I should point out that it may be cheaper simply to buy travellers than to print out your own. If you are going to use them frequently, then you can buy 1000 for £7.00 from the EBU (for example, other people sell them). 1000 sounds a lot, but it's less than one year's worth if you play 24 boards once a week.

    That's 0.7p per traveller (plus P&P), or 2.8p for four. Black & white printing using a personal inkjet printer can cost around 3p-5p per page just for the ink (laser printers are obviously less), plus paper, electricity, wearing out the hardware in the printer etc
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