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Another Bidding Problem

edited May 2007 in All Things Bridge
What should I bid after sequence 1D,pass,2D,pass; with S VOID,HQ,DAQT865,CAQ8743?


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    What about 6D, before opponents discover their major suits?TV
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    I don't think this hand would ever arise. With partner having no three card major one of the opponents must have a five card heart suit and one must have a five card spade suit. Since partner has limited his hand to 6-9 pts (assuming you are not playing inverted minor raises) there must also be a fair few high cards in the opponents' major suits. Therefore at least one of them would be able to muster an overcall.

    I would probably bid 5D for the pre-emptive reason given above and also because game has a chance through a cross ruff or setting up the spades.
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    PS The last word should be 'clubs' not 'spades'.
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