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How would you bid this hand

edited October 2008 in All Things Bridge
South (dealer): Spades KQ3, Hearts 87643, Diamonds JT75, Clubs 4.
West: Spades 52, Hearts KT, Diamonds AKQ8, Clubs K6532
North: Spades AT94, Hearts AQ95, Diamonds 3, Clubs AJT9
East: Spades J876, Hearts J2, Diamonds 9642, Clubs Q87
E-W Vulnerable

At our table South passed, West bid one club, which was followed by three passes. After playing the hand we noticed that at most tables the hand had been played by N-S in a hearts contract, but we could not work out how N-S could enter the bidding. Any thoughts?


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    If South passes and West bids 1C I think it is likely it will be passed out.

    However West may take the view that any responsive bid from partner will be in the majors and then he will have to either reverse into diamonds with only 15 points or rebid a flimsy club suit. He may therefore open 1D, planning to rebid clubs next. If this is the case North can double allowing the heart fit to be found.

    The other way the heart fit could be found is if South opens a weak, weak two.
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    Over a 1 club (natural) opening bid a bid of the enemy suit ie 2 clubs would be forcing and most players bid this to show the majors. Hearts are then easily found.
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    I prefer to have 5-5 in the majors (or at least 5-4 with my 4-suiter containing a few honours) to make this 2C bid. However provided your partner knows that you could be 4-4 this is another way to enter the auction I agree.
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