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Your view on this please :-

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I play at a local bridge club and was playing against the director when he did something that I think may have been against the rules.

He opened with 1NT, his partner bid 2 Diamonds, I asked if that was transfers at which the opener responded. "Thank god you asked that as I have bid incorrectly", he looked at his partner and then said to him "You, know what ive done partner dont you?" , "i've done it again" He proceeded to lay his next bid (should have been 2 hearts in response to the transfer request from his partner) instead he bid 3 spades and told his partner to imagine his 1nt opening bid was 1 Spade.

My partner and I were astounded at this discussion of hands during the bidding, I said half in jest, "we should call the director" ...he then said "I am the director, stupid" Now...what I want to know is...was this a rule break? and what should the outcome have been?

Later in the same evening, we overheard a heated debate between the director and another player about the oponent biding 2nt in reply to his partner, with 15+ points in his hand rather than 11/12...I was fuming as surely if you are going to complain about people bidding incorrectly you should do the same yourself and set an example as bridge director, not use it as a perk to get away with things you, yourself do wrong.

Just needed to get this off my chest and ask for views.


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    What the Director did was wrong. He should have said 2 diamonds was a transfer to hearts. However he does not HAVE to complete the transfer with 2 hearts he can legally bis anything he likes.

    When there is a dispute with the Director, many clubs ask for another experienced player to adjudicate. This ensure that the Dirctor is not Judge & Jurey.

    This Director is setting a very bad example - we all make mistakes and one should just grin & bear it - with good grace!
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    What the Director did was wrong!?
    "we should call the director" is a request for a ruling (in the context of a playing director at the table).
    "I am the director, stupid" is not the appropriate response to such a request!

    The director should realise that he and his partner should not have been making the comments they had. He should instruct that the auction should continue and he and his partner should avoid taking advantage of any of the comments they have heard. At the end of the hand, the auction and comments should be recorded; and at the end of the evening the director should find someone else to rule. If there is noone who is capable of making a ruling, he should ring someone.

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