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Double for Take-out

If a one of suit opening is doubled for take-out and if the doubler has a maximum of 14 points, does it need to be alerted if the doubles hand has more that 2 of the opponents suit bid?


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    This may depend on where you are. Alerting is a matter dealt with in Regulations, which can vary by country. I am also a little confused by what you are asking. It is usual to agree that take-out doubles will be “shape suitable” if minimum strength – i.e, they will have a shortage in opponent’s suit and support for each of the unbid suits. But I think that you are saying that your minimum take-out doubles might contain more than two cards in opponent’s suit?

    This style is allowed and I don’t believe that it requires an alert, in England, as long as it meets the criteria as a take-out double defined in the EBU’s Blue Book:
    3.H.3 A take-out double suggests that the doubler wishes to compete, and invites partner to describe his hand. Partner is expected to bid, though a pass may be made on a hand very suitable for defence in the context of the level of bid doubled and what he can be expected to hold for his actions (if any) to date.

    But you might need to disclose this partnership style on your convention card:
    3.D.2 If a partnership agrees to make take-out doubles of suit bids on almost all hands with opening bid values including length in opener’s suit, this should be disclosed on the system card. Similarly the practice of doubling for take-out on unusually weak hands should be marked on the front of the system card.

    I don’t think that you are suggesting that you never double with more than 14 points, but if you are, this needs alerting:
    Blue Book 4.H.4.(f) "The following doubles and redoubles must be alerted: [...] (f) A take-out double which has unusual strength constraints, such as a double of a weak two opening showing 16+ HCP, as this is a potentially unexpected additional meaning"

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