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Weak Two openings and the Losing Trick Count

We (me and “she who must be obeyed”) play primarily social bridge (rubber and Chicago). We use the LTC and are comfortable with it. Whilst we have been playing for several years, we would consider our standard to be somewhere between beginner-intermediate.

We are currently ‘studying’ the weak two openings (2D 2H 2S) and can see, and like, the advantages of using same.

Is it viable to use the LTC alongside this opening ?

I am thinking that if responder has at least 2 cards in the opening suit, we have a fit. Dare responder count losers and respond accordingly ?

I hope that makes sense !


  • edited November 2018

    Hi prando. I think that you also asked this question and had it answered in detail on another site? But the simple answer is yes, you can use the LTC.

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