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Club Rules

Can a Bridge Club state its own local rules such as -
Can open on the Rule of 20 and not 19?
To respond to openers 1 Spade you must have 5 Hearts and 9+ points


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    I am not a tournament director, but my understanding is:

    A bridge club acts as tournament organiser and is entitled to set conditions for the contest, to supplement but not conflict with the Laws of Bridge. (If they conflict with the Laws of Bridge it is not a bridge club),

    I'm guessing that you come from Sweden? And I am not sure what is normal in Sweden. In England, most clubs would allow agreements in line with the EBU's level 4 as set out in the Blue Book, or possibly level 2 (particularly for an evening aimed at less experienced players). However they are not obliged to follow the EBU's Blue Book and are free to set other limitations on partnership agreements, as long as they do not conflict with the Laws and as long as they are properly announced in advance to all contestants.

    It would be perfectly proper for a club to define a minimum opening bid based on the rule of 20 (just as the blue book defines a minimum opening bid based on the rule of 19).

    I am not sure what you mean by your second example? Do you mean that a 2H response to 1S must have five hearts and 9+ points? This is a natural bid and I'm not sure that regulating authority has that power. [Having said that, it is good bridge and I strongly recommend that you only respond 2H with a five-card or longer suit].
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    The problem you seem to be experiencing is not about systems but about disclosure. Education on this matter would be helpful.
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