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avoiding disaster!

edited April 2010 in All Things Bridge
Your hand - K2, AQJ9, AKJ98, 87.
Right hand opponent opens 1 Heart!
What do you bid?
My partner (of 30 years, and with whom I never fall out) and I had a complete shambles, and a very bad result, when I chose double, on the grounds that I felt I was strong enough to ignore his almost certain Spade bid and bid again (forcing).
He thinks a simple overcall would have been correct, following up with a double to make him bid if necessary.
I'm veering towards a 1NT overcall, but both these ideas could have beenaffected by the result of my actual choice.
Anybody fancy passing 'a la Zia'?

You want to know how it went? (opponents bids in brackets)
(1H) X (1NT) 2S, 3D, 5C, 5S (X)

Partner had a 8 count - 4 Spades Qxxx (and preferred to mention them, as we do have an understanding that a take out double of one major promises something significant in the other, but I say there has to be an exception when you're strong enough to bid again. His leap to 5 Clubs was on a nice 6 - card suit headed by KQJ, a small doubleton in Diamonds and a singleton Heart.
To be fair to partner, he played the 4/2 trump suit at the 5 level quite beautifully to get out for 2 off (-300NV), but he was not a happy bunny!

(1H) 2D (P) P (P) would have got us a positive result but with 8 points opposite I'd normally want to be in game.
(1H) 1NT, 2C(stayman) 2D, 2NT, 3NT would have got us to game and avoided a heated discussion (as I say, we never fall out!).

At the other table the bidding went:
(1H) X 1S 1NT 3NT In our system, this would have been showing 19+ (a hand too strong to overcall 1NT)

What a game!


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    If you feel vey bad look at this hand that appeared in Merseyside ONE DAY EVENT on Sunday. A K Q J 10; K 10 5; A 7; A Q J.
    After 2 passes, RHO opens 1H. Your bid please? I got a bottom of course.
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    On the first hand - the Kx AQJ9 AKJ98 87 - after a 1H opening on my right, I would treat it as a strong balanced hand. The most common range for 1NT overcall as a good 15 to a bad 18, but with such a nice diamond suit I would prefer to call this hand too strong to overcall 1NT, and double first. So at your table we might have bid
    (1H) x (1NT) 2S, 2NT - 3C - 3NT.

    As a slight side note with Qxxx x xx KQJxxx your partner really should bid his club suit on the first round, not 2S - a jump to 3C would express the value of the hand nicely.

    With AKQJ10 K105 A7 AQJ you have to start with a double of RHO's 1H bid. What happens next will depend on what everyone else bids.
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    This is a very fine 18. I would have overcalled 1NT, even though I rate the hand as worth more than 18. My second choice would be to overcall 2D. I would not double and then bid diamonds -- that shows a 1-suiter in diamonds with great strength.
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    INT is close but I think I prefer double (though I wouldn't bid Diamonds later). If partner can bid over his RHO's 1NT especially if he bids clubs, as he should with 6-4 surely, the finding 3nt is no problem. In fact as partner has shown 6 to 9 points you could bid 3NT immediately over 2C.

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