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strong two openings - forcing or not?

edited September 2009 in All Things Bridge
There seems to be a difference between the "ACOL bidding by Bernard Magee" CDRom and the ACOL crib sheet in tbis library with regard to whether or not a strong 2 opening of 2D, 2H or 2S is forcing. On the computer program the advice is that since an opening 2S indicates "8 tricks in spades" if you as responder cannot add any tricks, pass. However the crib sheet says that it is forcing and the negative response (with fewer than 8 points) is 2NT. Clarification please!


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    An Acol 2 bid has traditionally been regarded as forcing with the 2NT response usually treated as a negative. [As an alternative treatment, some pairs use the next suit up as the negative - "Herbert Negatives"].

    It is feasible to play Acol 2s as non-forcing, [you should agree this in advance with your partner and show the bid as non-forcing on your convention card] but I wouldn't advise it as this will limit the opportunity to use the bid. One of the main advantages of using strong Acol 2s is that it allows you to easily show strong 2 suited hands, but this will be lost if you treat the bid as non-forcing.
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    I think this is why the artificial and forcing 2 clubs bid helps. Many Strong 2s cannot sustain a response if partner has a "bust" hand (say 4 or less points). Also, in a single suited but strong minor bid, there is little prospect of game if partner has less than 6 points. My view is to play Strong 2S as very encouraging and include 2 Clubs as forcing.
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    tram ticket raises a good has to agree with pard 2's forcing or not forcing.I play them strong non forcing,if i have 2 suits,then i open 2cl,with 2d auto,and sys on, if rebid is 2n/t (Transfers/stayman) now one can then show the 2 suited hand regards
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    I have always thought it odd that with 8 playing tricks in a single suit hand, Acol players had to rebid an unmakeable 3 level contract, if partner replies 2NT on a bust. Maytbe that's why Benji 2C is so popular.
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    But an Acol 2 does not guarantee a single-suited hand.
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