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bridge computers

edited August 2009 in Where Can I Find?
I'm looking for a dedicated bridge computer (ie not a PC + software) that will enable me to play bridge with my father against the computer, or for my father to play single-handed. He is 87, a keen player with intact mental faculties but not able to get out much and with failing eyesight (a hand-held game wouldn't be suitable - he needs a reasonably large screen). We play regularly with friends but would like to be able to play more often and traveling to a club isn't really an option. I'm sure I''ve heard of such things but can't find anythng with an Internet search. Can anyone help?


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    Well, you could simulate a dedicated bridge computer by installing software on a computer and instructing the program to open on startup...
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    Thanks for the thought Daisy. Unfortunately, my father doesn't have a computer and doesn't want to make that level of investment.
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