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Is Lebensohl convention best after partner's weak 1NT is overcalled

edited May 2009 in All Things Bridge
I find this convention quite convoluted but is it the best solution to responding to partner's Weak 1 NT opening which is overcalled?
Thank you


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    It may be less convoluted to play double as negative (showing a balanced hand and acting as Stayman)
    and just use Lebensohl 2NT only on weak hands (to compete in 3 of a suit).
    1NT - 2suit -
    Double = balanced, opener passes or bids a suit
    2suit = natural, to play
    2NT = Lebensohl, to play in a suit at the 3 level, opener bids 3C and then responder passes or bids his suit
    3suit = natural, game forcing
    3NT = to play.

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    Lebensohl is a great convention - but only for well established partnerships.

    There is plenty to agree with your partner:
    - Does a direct cue bid promise or deny a stop? Does a cue bid via Lebensohl bid promise or deny a stop?
    - Does a direct 3NT promise or deny a stop? Does 3NT via Lebensohl bid promise or deny a stop?
    - Is a double for penalties? Or showing balanced (11/12) hand?
    - Does Lebensohl still apply if they compete over 1NT overcall?
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