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How do you bid this hand?

edited April 2009 in Anything Else
All vulnerable, dealer N
North holds A 9 7 6; void; KQJ 8 7; A J 7 2
South holds K 10 2; KQ 10 5; 9 6 4 3 2; Q
North opens 1 D, E doubles.
(West bids hearts if given the opportunity).
How should the auction proceed?


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    Dlr: N S A976
    Vul: ?? H ---
    IMPs?? D KQJ87
    C AJ72

    S K102
    H KQ105
    D 96432
    C Q

    West North East South
    1D Dbl 1H* * 1-level bids forcing after a t/o dbl
    Pass 1S Pass 3D

    Now, the form of scoring matters. In IMPS, 5D will be reached easily. In MP, 3NT is the best landing spot. Without this information, the remainder of the auction is not known. And, perhaps S will bid 4th suit. Who knows.
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    By agreement and it is standard pard holding 96432 d should bid 2n/t.awaiting developements he has a good hand.when 3 hts comes up.partner now has a decison to mke,eiter pass or bid 3sp/4cl..if it is pass pard will bid 3n/t,same over 3sp.and
    either 5cl over 4cl/or 5 diamonds.if pard passes 3 hts .i will take the money and double 3 hts.
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