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Opening of 1C with 3 cards

edited March 2009 in Bridge Laws
At a recent game of duplicate, my LHO opened 1C, this was not alerted, but later we were told by the oposition that it is possible to open 1C with only 3 cards and at least opening points (in the case in question there were 15 points).

I have tried to find a ruling on this and there seems to be some contradiction in the rules.

According to the Orange Book......1C shows 3 + cards, which I take to mean a minimum of 4 shown here:-

5 G 3 Players should not alert:
(a) The calls specified in 5 C and 5 D as announceable.
(b) Calls above 3NT unless specified in 5 E 4 (a) to (c).
(c) Opening bids:
(1) 1♣ or 1♦ showing three plus cards, not forcing, which are considered natural.

But according to the 'Announcing and Alerting Summary'......shown here...
no action needs to be taken with 3 cards.

DAK which of these is correct.



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    The expression "3+" does not mean 4 or more. Why would you think that when they use the number 3 instead of the number 4? The expression "3+" means "3 or more," not "more than 3" asd you believed in the past. Moreover, what would you have bid with

    S 5432
    H 543
    D A2
    C AKQ

    when no other suit is biddable, and it would be quite a flier to open that hand 1NT with neither major stoped. To open that hand 1NT seems like inflexibility in bidding.

    What would YOU have opened?
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    On the hand above I would ask for a 13th card before bidding. Assuming it was s mall heart diamond or club I would consider it the most routine 12-14 NT. To eschew 1NT when you have a balanced hand makes your rebid very difficult. If you open 1C with a 4-3-3-3 hand and rebid 1S partner will expect at least 4-4, usually 4-5. If you rebid 1NT partner will normally expect 15-16 or perhaps 15-17.

    The Orange Book Section 5G3 on Page 27 makes itr clear that an alert is not required for 1C or 1D showing at least 3 cards.
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    "According to the Orange Book......1C shows 3 + cards, which I take to mean a minimum of 4 cards...."

    No, "3+" means "3 or more"
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    Hey Jeremy, we both open this one 1C

    S 5432
    H 5432
    D AK
    C AKQ
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    If you play Weak NT and 5 card majors this is the only sensible opening bid. If you play a 15-17 NT and open this 1C becuase, perhaps, you have two suits unguarded you will run into a rebid problem.
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