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funny bridge

edited November 2008 in Anything Else
Every Christas my club runs a party night during which we ask the members do strange things such as "Every dealer opens this hand with 3H" or "players are allowed only one bid this hand". We are however runing out of ideas and I should be grateful if readers of this forum could provide some new suggestions. JackC


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    -- each bid must be at a higher level than the previous one
    -- no one may bid his or her longest suit
    -- the final contract is doubled and redoubled
    -- dummy is exposed, but plays her own hand without declarer's instructions
    -- any bid still in the bidding box may be made, even if it is not sufficient
    -- overtricks are to count as undertricks (optional: and vice-versa, or use that for a different hand)
    -- everyone must, when leading or following suit, play his highest card in the suit
    -- a contract can be specified that must be played by a certain hand, regardless of the bidding
    -- the rank of the cards is reversed (naturally, this is more fun when the rule is given after the auction!)
    -- no player can bid the same suit twice in an auction
    -- change the order of bidding and/or play -- eg N, S, W, E
    -- play the hand as auction bridge
    -- allow no player to pass (opt: or double or redouble) until she has bid at least once (or at least twice)
    -- one partnership is prohibited from bidding minors (or reds, blacks, on odd-numbered levels etc) and the other the reverse
    -- dummy and opening leader switch places and play each other's cards (but each is trying to help his original partner)
    -- after the auction, declarer can choose which hand will be dummy.
    -- ruffs (and/or discards) can be made when the player has cards in the suit led
    -- if void in a suit, a player must play a trump if he has one
    -- no player may, at any point in the play, lead a suit first bid by her partner (applies to dummy as well)
    -- the partner (or RHO or LHO) of the player winning the trick leads to the following trick
    -- use a 5-suited deck. Rank the 5th suit above NTs, and score it however you want
    -- specify certain numbers of cards for different tricks (eg 7, 6, 5, 4 and the rest 3) (this will require some modification of the bidding as well). If you are out of cards you are skipped in the play of a trick
    -- keep the ranks of the suits the same but score majors as minors and minors as majors. Or change the ranks and score as usual
    -- play deuces as wild (first deuce played to a trick wins; could have trump deuce beat others)
    -- everyone chooses a contract from just looking at her own hand. HIghest gets it. Need tie-breaking method
    -- bidding is over after four passes in rotation

    Naturally you will want to colour-code the instructions so that players know whether to open them before or after the auction. You probably do this already.
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    Thaks very much, Daisy, very useful indeed. JackC
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