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Explanation of bids required

This is not intended to be a general moan, but I've wondered for a while....

The last time I played bridge F2F I got into a muddle with my partner after there had been an exchange of suits he jumped to 3NT and having 18 points, more than the 9 I had shown so far, I raised this to 4NT intending it to be quantitative. Unfortunately he took that as some sort of Blackwood and I found myself playing a 6H contract with only 5 trumps between the two hands. (I should have bid 6NT it would have limited the damage and he would have played it but I was in despair) Amazingly this wasn't doubled and even more amazingly it only went down 4.

However before leading to the first trick my LHO interrogated me as to the meaning of my partner's bids to which I truthfully replied I didn't have a clue as we hadn't agreed a trump suit (playing RKCB1430). and there had been a misunderstanding.

He wouldn't accept this and insisted I respond to his questions at length about each bid of my partner's.

Was he really entitled to do that in the circumstances?

Whatever the rights and wrongs, I felt at the time it was "twisting the knife"


  • When someone tries to bully you, it is time to ask the director to assist. You are NOT required to explain anything other than your agreements. Once you told the inquisitor there must have been a bidding misunderstanding, he is entitled to no more. You must tell him what your partner should have known about your bids, by previous discussion with partner,. He is not entitled to anything else, except perhaps a rebuke from the director for being the part of the body on which one sits.

  • Thanks for your assistance. He actually was director for some reason I never understand as his rudeness is the stuff of legend.

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